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Llais Ni - Our Voice

Diolch i ti am gymryd yr amser i lenwi holiadur ‘Llais Ni’. Ar ôl gorffen yr holiadur mae cyfle i ti roi dy enw i fewn i gystadleuaeth i ennill tocynnau iTunes, a chwarae gem.
Wrth lenwi’r holiadur yma am dy fywyd di byddi’n helpu Partneriaeth Plant a Phobl Ifanc i wneud Gwynedd yn lle gwell i fyw- i bawb!

I gychwyn, clicia ar lle wyt ti’n llenwi’r holiadur yma.

Thanks for taking the time to fill in ‘Our Voice’ questionnaire. After finishing there will be an opportunity for you to enter into a draw to win some iTunes vouchers, and play a game. By filling in this questionnaire about your life, you will be helping the children and Young People’s Partnership to make Gwynedd a better place to live- for everyone!

To start, click on where you’re filling in this questionnaire.


If you have any questions or encounter any problems please call the Viewpoint Helpline on 01422 315418 and ask for Stuart.

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